Saturday, March 22, 2014

Submarine Q.O.T.W. - 22 MAR 2014


VA-class sub USS New Mexico (SSN 779) and the LA-class USS Hampton (SSN 767) commenced  ICEX 2014 ( an Arctic Ocean exercise) March 19th.  

This week's questions refer to a previous ICEX, not very long ago. As M.E. readers may either learn or be reminded, the earlier ICEX turned out to be unusually eventful in may ways, not all of them good. The rather unusual scene (photo below) is from that record.

Questions of the Week

1. During which ICEX  (give year) was the above photo taken? 

2. Salutes in the frigid arctic are fairly rare occasions; who was the individual (name and rank) receiving the above salute?

3. Identify the name, and hull number of the sub whose unmarked sail is shown?

4. Identify a second submarine that had participated (name and hull number) in the same ICEX as the sub shown above. 

5. Some video for a feature length Sci-Fi production was produced during the same ICEX.
As a result of a tragedy claiming lives from the second sub, the film, released the next year, was dedicated to the memory of those submariners. Who were they (names and rates).

6. Which lead actor shared something in common with sailors who died, and identify their commanality?   

Answers - To be published in posting next Saturday, 29 March 2012.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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