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ANSWERS: Sub Questions of Week (28 JAN 16)


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ANSWERS Submarine Questions of the Week

1  -  Why are modern, military-quality submarines not prone to capsizing?   ANS:  By virtue of their capability to submerge and operate near neutral buoyancy, submarine design includes features allowing significant ballast controls. ( more )

2  -  Is it even possible for modern, military-quality subs to capsize?  ANS:  Not only is it possible, as recently as 1979, a Danish military submarine did capsize, though not at sea:   

(The following relate to the recent capsizing of car carrier Modern Expess)
3  -  If the vessel shown has not washed up upon a beach, approximately where is it?  ANS: The photograph accpmpanying the question shows the capsized vessel in the In the Bay of Biscay.

4  -  Has the crew been rescued?  ANS: Fortunately, yes, all 22 men were rescued by Spanish authorities last Tuesday in an operation co-ordinated by the UK’s Falmouth Coastguard. 

5  -  From where did it sail, and to where was it sailing?  ANS: The Modern Express had sailed from Gabon, Africa en route to port Le Havre, France.

6 -  How large (tonnage) is the vessel, and with what cargos is it said to be laden?  ANS:  The Modern Express is a mid-sized car carrier of 33,000 tons.  Besides a cargo of 3,600 tons of timber and construction equipment, it also carries 300 tons of fuel which could complicate an ongoing salvage operation. 

7 -  Where is the pilot house located? ANS:  Due to the vessels severe list, the
Modern Express's pilot house was not visible in the photo published with the QOTW.  It is positioned forward in the vicinity of the bow (as shown below):

8 -  Has this vessel sunk or has it been towed?  ANS:
A Spanish tugboat is currently towing Modern Express to open sea.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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