Tuesday, August 16, 2005

DD(X) Destroyer Employs Submarine Stealth

Cutaway from September, 2005 Popular Science, Navy Recruiting ad.

Note how little of ship's silouhette is above surface (about 27%). Deck is relatively clean and clear. The deckhouse is low (radar) signature design.

The Navy claims "... It will be stealthy and as difficult to detect as an attack submarine;"
Also, DD(X) will carry two 155-millimeter guns to fire cheaper guided, rocket-propelled rounds, whose accuracy makes up for size. Current test versions of the gun have hit targets 68 miles. Compare that to only 3o mile range for the BB's 16" guns (1900lb unguided, shells). Best of all, the crew is about 150 instead of a battleship's 1,500+ (yes, there are those who would refurbish mothballed BBs). Submarines continue to draw fewer dollars in outyear budgets as the carrier fleet and planned surface programs, like DD(X), will absorb scarce proportionally greater funding. An interesting take on the future can be found here at ULTRAQUIET NO MORE.


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