Friday, October 07, 2005

The Submarine Philadelphia's Collision

Remember, the latest reported submarine collision- USS Philadelphia Struck by Turkish Freighter in Persian Gulf?

The SSN 690 collided with tM/V Yaso Aysen, a Turkish merchantman, at about 2 am on the morning of September 5th. Bubblehead quotes Lt. Wyatt Smith, formerly of the Philadelphia, in a letter to Soldiers For The Truth: "Obviously, I cannot discuss details of what happened that night. Men are being relieved on that ship as we speak because of a complete breakdown of the command and control process."

Next to incapacity of leadership, this seems awfully strong language. Whatever occurred happened slightly more than one day into a new moon, as tracked by U.S. Naval Observatory (for navigational purposes). The first full moon of September is known as the Fruit Moon according to Native Americans.


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