Sunday, November 20, 2005

Freedom's Real Stake in Iraq May Well Be Its Longevity Elsewhere

Submandave makes some great points in his Pre-Invasion Intelligence: the Questions that Should be Asked, which I recommend. Lost in the one-sided, political propaganda that now monopolizes the media are two truths (among others Dave recalls) that get overlooked:

+ Materials that would be useful in biological and nuclear weapons programs were discovered hidden at the homes of important scientists alledgedly involved in these efforts.

+ Iraq had plans to reconstitute all WMD programs (including nuclear weapons development) once UN restrictions and inspections had been lifted

And there is an even larger truth we all seem to have forgotten: excerpts from the Boston Globe 3/16/2003

How can the man in the cross hairs of the most fearsome force on earth talk about victory, much less seem so sure of it, when the leaders of the world's sole superpower have expressed that... Iraq, Hussein did win. He faced a mighty US-led coalition and came away not only still in charge, but also with a population even more under his control.

--------------------------------- Molten Eagle ---------------------------------
The stakes are huge that Hussein be sentenced for his crimes before the U.S. even considers departing Iraq. If our military, which accomplished a model victory in its rapid rout of the Baathist regime is not allowed to fulfill the rest of its mission, it will become as useless as U.N. peacekeepers. We should no longer maintain a military, if Democrats sabotage its mission, undermine its morale and ask for high-level planning documents that reveal to the world the timing of our intentions. That information helps our enemies and kills our brave warriors.
If the grandstanding politicians were privy to an actual pull-out date, they could be bound by rules of secrecy not to make it public, anyway. The current Bush-bashing is not about lying or misdeeds, it is about the relevancy of the Democrat party today (very little).

Islamic immigrants are infiltrating every country on earth, their fundamentalist sects growing faster than the general population as Wahhabism is being spread and financed by Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Islam. Saudi Arabia strictly upholds Wahhabi Islam and bases its constitution on the Koran and the sayings of Islam's prophet, Mohammad.

Should this threat or even regular Islam come into power, your grandchildren would live (if they adopt Islam) under austerity, intolerance and non-freedoms of Islamic law. Visiting your grave (headstones are forebidden, too; how would anyone find it -think mass burials) would be a problem.

If you are a Democrat, you will not feel threatened by the truths I speak, even if you read them, because, you feel nuclear weapons are the free world's ultimate saviour. Well, such weapons require targets that Democrats would not complain about later (innocent civilian lives lost, etc.). Can you think of a target that satisfies Democrats? As an Independent, I doubt we have targets that would satisfy you. Nuclear weapons are truly a last resort (forget it). Pay attention now to what is being accomplished in Iraq - it is very, very important (even if Bush could have done better than he has).


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