Friday, December 02, 2005

The Continuing Attrition of Zarqawi

Suicide bombings fell in November to their lowest level in seven months due to the success of U.S.-Iraqi military operations against terrorist sanctuaries near the Syrian border. The news is most welcomed considering today's fatal bombing of 10 U.S. Marines in Fallujah.

As attrition has taken its steady toll, Zarqawi is more often forced to use his personal staff as suicide bombers, according to reporters. In a statement put out over the Internet, al-Zarqawi confirmed that he had dispatched most of his men to carry out the Ramadi operation. Of course, there is uncertainty about whether Zaqarwi still lives, and DNA test results do not seem to have been publicized, yet. His insurgency claims he was not killed in a strike in Mosul last month (possibly underscoring their own ability to function as effectively without their leader).

UPDATE to Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Already Foresees His Own Demise: His employment problems and desperation have increased if he has started using his experienced staff for suicide bombings. Alternatively, if Zarqawi is now dead, the desperation of his staff explains their personal suicide missions lately. Zarqawi's insurgent recruiting has suffrered from financing woes, pay inequities, and recruiting what's left of a decidedly dysfunctional and indolent labor pool.

Either way, Zarqawi is not only doomed, he is now a short-timer (about 94 days) . Allah speed, villain. If you ever see paradise, it will be as its ugliest virgin.


At 02 December, 2005 22:54, Blogger OP said...

Too bad Zarqawi isn't man enough to lead by example.


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