Monday, December 05, 2005

The U.N. Ubiquitous Nonsense?

Is the United Nations, despite its ineptitude, and ineffectiveness also dangerous? A world governance council that is arbitrary and capricious may pose a danger to world prosperity and peace. Judge for yourself:

Saddam's trial will not be fair, says United Nations - The UN said yesterday Saddam Hussein's trial would never satisfy international standards because of ongoing violence and flaws in Iraq's legal system. (terrorists must agree, as they claim responsibility for ongoing violence).

Flaw's in the Iraq legal system, says the U.N.? What said the U.N. about this then:

"The greatest challenge will be framing the indictment: how to try Saddam for three decades of pervasive criminal activity, ...and three decades of torture, summary executions and several hundred thousand "disappearances."

or this:

"The Iraqi government has for decades conducted a brutal campaign of murder, summary execution, and protracted arbitrary arrest against the religious leaders and followers of the majority Shi'a Muslim population."

Where has the U.N. been?

An Iraqi court must sentence Hussein for his crimes before the U.S. can even consider departing Iraq. Otherwise, Saddam wins yet again.


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