Saturday, February 18, 2006

News You May Have Missed

US military to open light cargo plane contest Reuters Feb 17
Molten Eagle first reported this suspecting the mystery vehicles would be UAVs. Now, the Army's Brig. Gen. Stephen Mundt hints the 145 new planes will expand the Army's and Air Force's ability to ferry cargo and troops to remote places because they will be able to land on runways of just 2,000 feet, opening access to some 6,000 additional runways around the world. [ed. What about the V-22 Osprey? Apparently Army and AF are not buying any, yet.]

Ancient Tree Possibly Found in Indiana Las Vegas Sun February 17
A large oak tree dug up last summer from under 40 feet of sand and gravel could be up to 30,000 years old, and might have been entombed by a glacier during the last ice age, scientists say. [ed. - Political scientists and other Global Warming alarmists should note this discovery, as another ice age is expected by reputable scientists.]


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