Thursday, February 09, 2006

Newspaper Columnist: "The Internet is now the only place Americans can view the cartoons and, as a bonus, learn..."

Kathleen Parker is an award-winning columnist whose columns frequently focus on family and sex roles. She writes for the Orlando Sentinel. Parker is also the director of the School of Written Expression at the Buckley School of Public Speaking. Her column today, The end of civilization was a joke, was syndicated in some newspapers owned by the New York Times. It should should inform millions.

The real story behind the Danish cartoon outrage. The U.S. it seems is not the only country with a Muslim propaganda organization deceiving complacent infidels. Take a look at what she says happened in Denmark (excerpts):

The dozen Danish drawings everyone by now has heard about — but not necessarily seen thanks to our own media's sanctimonious sensitivity to insanity — were mild by modern satirical standards.

Meanwhile, querulous Americans still reliant on traditional media are left in the kind of darkness admired by Islamic states. How are they to debate and make a judgment about the cartoons without seeing them? They can go to the blogosphere, that's how.

The Internet is now the only place Americans can view the cartoons and, as a bonus, learn that much of the outrage now seething through the Middle East was stoked not by the cartoons in question, but by three bogus photographs circulated by the (peace-loving) Islamic Society of Denmark. A spokesman for the group said they circulated the photos to demonstrate Denmark's Islamophobia.

Except that the photographs weren't published in Denmark or elsewhere on terra firma. One of them, allegedly depicting Muhammad dressed like a pig, is in fact a photo of Frenchman Jacques Barrot as he participated in last August's annual French Pig-Squealing Championships in Trie-sur-Baise. And that's no joke.

See the top pig photo here. Show them to Islamists near you, tell them it is Mohammud and watch them get enraged. That is what the (peace-loving) Islamic Society of Denmark did to foment Muslim outrage. I do not trust anything this man says, should you?


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