Sunday, February 05, 2006

Islam and The Two-Edged Sword

Among all major religions, conversion to Islam is said to be the easiest. In terms of daily worship and ritual, none appears more ostentatious (fard, jihad, Hajj) or repetitive (Salat) than Islam, imparting an immediate sense of devotion and superiority to its faithful. As to intellectual consistency on the otherhand, practioners of Islam are perhaps the most blind-faithful of all, because they must either be an Imam or allow one to guide them through stark, Qu-ranic contradictions.

Now, it has to be obvious why some Westerners have converted to Muslim. Islam fills any void of discontentment in their lives in a showy fashion that requires little thinking. An unpretentious explanation of reasons to convert can be found at Daniel Pipes (An authorative commentor on the Middle East - The Wall Street Journal) here. Who are famous Western muslims? As seen here, mostly musicians and athletes, none noted for intellectual prowess.

All religions have been propagandistic at one time or another, unfortunately. Islam, however, is again at the top. It trots out its political cover of being a religion of peace and harmony, while its hypocritical leaders remain silent too long over outbursts of violence against Westerners and their establishments. Islamic writings and their most famous spiritual leaders demonstrate clearly an intolerance of non-Muslims, branded as infidels.

Although Muslim women are accorded subservient privelege under Islam, they inhabit free Western nations and some even shun equal rights. Muslims partake all of the benefits of Western living, but literally propagate voters intent on changing western culture to Islamic by democratic vote.

Muslims in America must be accorded the same rights and priveleges as everyone else. The time is now, however, for infidels to be as easily and conveniently offended as they.

Like Ku Klux Klan supporters and members, however, there needs to be a two edged sword that comes with our political convenience and their volatile intolerance. Smarter Muslims know this and are surprised their nation has been so lax with them this long. Dumber, violent muslims are more dangerous to Western culture than the Klan, to whom public legitimacy has not been accorded since 1964.

If American Muslims wish to disassociate themselves from backward forms of Islam, they must be clear not only to infidels but to the lower forms about the actual differences and it must come from the lips of their most esteemed imams and popular scholars, not fringe academics as we have seen almost exclusively, to date. So far, the smarter Muslims pretend only vague and ambiguous difference to infidels without making a strong and authoritative case to their violent brothers.

Infidels are not as stupid as our PC-obsessed government leads you to believe. I urge you, smarter Muslims, to act now of your own volition, or bear the brunt of a sudden shift in federal mood in the not far distant future. Peace be with all of you. -Vigilis


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