Saturday, February 04, 2006

News You may Have Missed

Cartoon controversy spreads throughout Muslim world Publication of Prophet Muhammad satitical cartoons has caused strife around the world. For non-Muslims they are equal treatment for Islam, a test of tolerance. To many Muslims they are as apparently insulting as the intolerance they shown for Jews, Christians, Buddhists, etc. in say, Muslim countries.

Another who masks his face gets it right here:
"Part of the price of living in a free society is putting up with insults. Jews and Christians have borne the burden of bigotry for centuries. Christian bigotry among American liberals seems to be at an all-time high. Christians rightfully get angry when an "artist" submerges a cross in a jar of urine, or a school punishes a child for reading a Bible during his free time or a leftist cartoonist depicts Christians as rats. But they don't kidnap people. They don't take over buildings. They don't bomb and kill. They express their outrage without committing crimes against humanity."

Failing to pass this little test, they will prove to the world what little value they bring to liferaft Earth. First to become shark food? Their choice, of course.

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