Monday, February 06, 2006

Nice, But What About Submarine Assistant Navigators?

Lubbers Line introduced us to this first (January 26, 2006).

Enlisted sailors get shot at a seat in the cockpit, today here.

Under a trial program, some enlisted members would be promoted to warrant officers and become eligible to fly the P-3 Orion patrol plane or SH-60 Sea Hawk helicopter. Currently those jobs are reserved for unrestricted line officers.

That is nice, what about submarine assistant navigators, that is, PACFLEET NAVETs? Much more responsibility, a little more pay, but no rank (curious isn't it). Traditionally, not at all, but then these moves are breaking paradigms (out of the box) not traditional for the Navy.

Just asking.


At 06 February, 2006 19:17, Blogger Noble Eagle said...

Note that the officers still get all the glamorous (i.e. fighter) planes. Typical.

At 06 February, 2006 21:48, Blogger Lubber's Line said...

I would have done it if the Navy had such a program when I was in.

As far as the A-Nav question, quess it's not a high profile semi-glamor role so the Navy treats it as just another NavET E-6 E-7 qual.

Submarines and Aircraft, machines that operate in a three dimentional universe lots of responsibility but way cool.

At 07 February, 2006 04:04, Blogger Vigilis said...

LL, you are certainly correct about the E-6 E-7 qual, but with the current "elevation" of NavETs, do you not see a sacrificial pawn, as well, next time a seamount is struck? Time will tell us.

Noble Eagle, thank you for making that point. The enlisted (assistant) navigator of a submarine is responsible for a commissioned (named), multi-billion dollar vessel with scores of souls. The pilots of most fighter aircraft, on the otherhand ...

At 07 February, 2006 14:02, Blogger Lubber's Line said...

Vigilis, if something like the San Fran happens again I see a similar if not more severe outcome for the NavET watchstanders, A-Nav, Nav OOD and CO.

Maybe the Nav and A-Nav will take the bulk of the blame, but I tend to think that all involved would be held accountable. If I were to be cynical I would say that squadron, Pacfleet, chart accuracy, training and crew evaluations would be given a bigger pass than they were the last time, My opinion.

Lets hope that the big mysterious ocean little unlucky ship scenario doesn't play out again.

At 07 February, 2006 20:40, Blogger Vigilis said...

LL, time is suely going to reveal the Navy's thinking. I assure you, the Nav-ET is going to be toast -crucified, dishonored and booted, whatever the outcome otherwise. He had better have his own lawyer, next time, like the commissioned officers.

The rest of what you say is, of course, true. Those with plausibly undeniable responsibility must bear responsibility and repercussions. Bubblehead predicted bad news for submarines in '06. Standby.


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