Sunday, March 12, 2006

How Not to Advance Islam: Bunkers to Replace Stone Age Caves

Iran has been caught in lies about its pursuit of peaceful nuclear technology. As a consequence, the Iranian issue was referred Wednesday to the United Nations Security Council. The wouldbe caliphate has thus achieved the lowly status of a convicted felon trying to buy arms under false pretenses. Referral was the necessary first shoe dropping.

Sanctions will follow but, as in Iraq, cheating will mitigate impacts on Iran's citizenry. No matter.
Iran will soon be caught red-handed interfering with Iraq's right to self determination.

After US Vice President Dick Cheney threatened Iran with the military option to prevent it from developing nuclear weapons, President Bush has now warned Iran and Syria in conventional, diplomatic nice-speak:
If there's any kind of influence from a foreign country that is disruptive, any kind of influence, if the Iranians are trying to influence the outcome of the political process, or the outcome of the security situation there, we're letting them know our displeasure.

Iran's goal is to court world opinion as a peaceful nation being bullied and abused by great satans while simply pursuing its scientific self interests.

A pipeline of convincing evidence sufficient to impress even Dan Rather will soon prove otherwise. Iran will be unable to stop interferences that it has already started, financed and executed. No one said this will happen quickly, however, and some in Israel are understandably impatient with delays thus far.

How do the Caliphate's best thinkers resopnd? Iran's leaders have built a secret underground emergency command centre in Teheran as they prepare for a confrontation with the West over their illicit nuclear program. of the complex is part of the regime's plan to move more of its operations beneath ground.


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