Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Al Qaeda's Greatest Performance: What the Gang That Can't Wait Does Well

If infidels had wanted to expose the viral mentality of radical Islamists in particular and the enabling mentality of Muslims in general, they could not have hired a better PR outfit than Al Qaeda itself.

What Al Qaeda lacks in patience it makes up in drama. Can you recall a crew of misfits (since Watergate) that took themselves as seriously as Al Qaeda leaders?

The Muslim world, which has underwhelmingly apologized for Al Qaeda's intolerance or extremist worldview, has been harmed badly by AQ's excesses. The entire non-Muslim world, more resolute than ever, will soon have been inoculated against harboring, tolerating or encouraging the Sharia-lawyer wing of Islam. AQ leaders will die without achieving true martyrdom, AQ's Saudi financiers will die without ever seeing a Caliphate, and its Wahhabi elements will be forced underground for another 2 or 300 years of abject dormancy. More importantly, converts to Islam will be fewer and of lower quality than ever before. The Muslim religion may finally wish to redefine itself to be what it has falsely claimed - a tolerant religion of peace.

Sentiment has finally turned against lingering pretense that political correctness applies to intolerant muslims myopically challenged by their jihadist worldview:

PRIME Minister John Howard
today said again he had no need to apologise for telling Muslims they needed to embrace Australian values.

Religious sensitivities by a few European democracies have been raised for
Muslima, nevertheless. Muslim women booking into British NHS hospitasl can now respect [my emphasis] their religion by wearing a burka-style gown. In Italy, hotels at Riccione (resort on Italy's Adriatic coast east of Florence) will create an all-female beach for Muslim women. Sound like concessions? Not to everyone. Both instances underscore gender bias: these women are not priveleged by their religion, they are enslaved by its demands that females endure more discomfort than men. This may be the hidden reason dumb brunet jokes are so rare (inadequate irony).

Al Qaeda operatives must practice repeatedly their dastardly acts. Even suicide bombers must be trained with duds. How does this work with nuclear bombs? Should we expect an accidental detonation with such complex devices? Yes, probably Iran's
second nuclear accident.

Al Qaeda must train to perform adequately. Yet, rarely do infidel countries allow AQ the opportunity to utilize the same training twice.

It also has to be frustrating for Islamic extremists to have to use an American like Adam
Gadahn in their latest video. What image does another Californian kook in a robe cast upon Al Qaeda? Gadahn is an immature, jobless underachiever. AQ would do better to allow the world to hear from or see his muslim wife (maybe not).

When terrorists or even so-called non-terrorists like D.C. Sniper John Muhhamad commit their terrorist acts on American soil, their final resting places will inevitably be found. It will be the likely goal of some visitor to assure such graves receive proper extremist unction. Do not look for subsidy from a Saudi prince for help with this task, however. Your favorite veternarian or abatoir may help for free. For city folk, the cause may be pricey, but its available here.


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