Thursday, July 12, 2007

The Other Dolphins

Our fellow ex-submariner Lubber's Line who brings us interesting stuff, recently asked these penetrating questions:

1) Submarines have been known to transport Navy SEALS on occasion; could Seal Lions and Dolphins be next?

2) Dolphins have qual cards?

3) After a dolphin gets qualified, do they wear the humans with pride?

In case you have no clue about what he is asking, check out the Pentagon Channel video he posted earlier this week. We are not supposed to know, but the answer to question one is they already have. The answer to question two is suggested by the photo (below), and we are guessing these mammals take significant pride in their human teamwork.

Oddly, the Army and Air Force are involved with the Navy's Marine Mammal program as links here will explain. See what I mean, Lubber really comes up with some interesting stuff!



At 14 July, 2007 22:54, Blogger Lubber's Line said...

Vigilis, many thanks for answering my questions and providing the link back to my post. The marine mammal qual card was something I was not aware of.

As far as coming up with interesting posts to read your site with it own unique style and take on “Submarines always silent and strange“ is a frequent stop for this drive by blogger. - LL


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