Wednesday, October 10, 2007

U.S. 4th Fleet (South Atlantic) Operations Black Out

If the 4th Fleet were comprised entirely of submarines it could not be more mysterious.

Fleet numbering was established in 1943, by Admiral Ernest King. Remember, it had been Capt. Ernest King who in 1923 had proposed distinguished uniform insignia (dolphins were later selected) for U.S. submariners.

A few years or ago, Hugo Chavez expressed his concerns that the U.S. was planning to invade Venezuela. Perhaps a war game had even been conducted offshore in his vicinity. The initials for Chavez's concern (invading venezuela), of course are IV, the roman numeral representing 4.

During WW2, the United States 4th Fleet was a major command of the United States Navy in the South Atlantic. The Fourth Fleet waged relentless war against raiders, blockade runners, and submarines in the South Atlantic. In April 1943 Fleet Air Wing 16 transferred from Norfolk to Natal, Brazil, to direct patrol plane antisubmarine operations under the Fourth Fleet in the South Atlantic. There can be no question that the 4th Fleet would have plans to invade Venezuela, if military action ever became necessary. Nothing is new about it.

Ever heard about a SEAL team that does not officially exist? In which theater did it concentrate
its operations that never took place? Me either.

Prior to 1950, the Fourth Fleet was allegedly absorbed into the Second Fleet. Was it? A curious reference to the 4TH FLEET IMAGERY INTERPRETATION UNIT (FIIU) is found here. Look hard enough and you will even come across Klingon and Imperial Japanese Navy 4th Fleets.

But none of that will ever help Hugo Chavez allay his most annoying suspicions. Sleep well, Hugo. We are all going to have to wait and see. The 4th Fleet is silent and strange, like submarines.



At 11 October, 2007 08:29, Blogger reddog said...

I served proudly with the Fourth Fleet, on a yellow submarine, far beneath the Sea of Dreams.

I was in charge of maintaining the integrity of the check valves on the Bong primary coolant reservoirs, maximizing airflow without flooding the exhaust outlets.

SubSafe, first and always!

Damn those Blue Meanies, make your speed BATTLE FLANK!

At 11 October, 2007 12:32, Blogger Vigilis said...

Reddog, I'm still laughing.

I also served in the 4th Fleet and the rumor is we may be called up again in the near future.

Funny thing was, the Sea of Dreams and the Bong were code words for Caracas and the Bolivarian Republic, respectively. Probably just a coincidence, though.

At 11 July, 2008 15:18, Blogger Praetorianos said...

I live in Buenos Aires and i personally think they are here because of the natural resources (water).. I don't think their presence here is justified and should get the hell out of here. We are peaceful nations and if the US wants to fight drugs (as they say they do), they should pay more attention at home cos it s their children who use drugs.

At 16 August, 2008 11:16, Blogger Vigilis said...

Praetorianos, thank you for commenting. Our drug war is already being waged domestically.

By your logic, however, the U.S. would consider South America's illicit drug trade a legitimate commercial enterprise, and our children its rightful customers. By the same logic, the 9-11 terrorists would then be political protestors and our fallen merely anonymous victims.

The U.S. is also there to stand by continued, robust democracies like Argentina's, comrade.


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