Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Some Things Submariners Only Learn Later

If you have been there, you know exactly what I mean. Meanwhile, ever stood a sonar watch? Most of the time, much of the listening was to unidentified biologicals (carpenter fish sound familiar?). Well, we hear much more than that down there and had no idea what the sources really looked like. Now, at least, the still curious will have some very good, if somewhat surprising clues.

Let's observe the marine environment with an underwater camouflage YouTube:


Next, skip the photos and go about half way down this page to the Deep Sounds video. Did you hear the Midshipman Toadfish? The damselfish in my home aquarium never sounded like that.
Was the unknown biological an E.T.? Sure sounded like it.

Not Mediterranean enough for you? Something technical to read: THE SOUNDS OF CETACEANS AND MARINE BIOACOUSTICS.

Now, go here to click on one of the biological and hear its unique underwater sound. You did not see that carpenter fish did you?



At 15 April, 2008 22:16, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've always liked listening to biologics.

At 16 April, 2008 15:22, Blogger Vigilis said...

They are certainly interesting.


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