Saturday, August 16, 2008

Finally Disclosed! Russian Submarine Radiation Leak

Both early and modern design of submarines combined the utmost in visionary potentials with among the boldest naval operations ever proposed. The impressive attack of the submarine Turtle against HMS Eagle that occurred off the coast of Staten Island on 6 September 1776, for instance, is wonderfully illustrated in this brief video:

The Creation of the Turtle Submarine

The teredo worms mentioned in the video are actually not worms but marine molluscs which bore into submerged wood for digestable cellulose. Unfortunately for Sgt. Ezra Lee, The British endeavored to stymie teredo worm damage with metal plates on HMS Eagle's hull below the waterline. The plates thwarted Lee's augur and explosive charge placement.

Fast forward from 1776 to today. Assume Brittain, Argentina, Russia, Germany, China, Iran, or anyone else with advanced biolabs (e.g. Fort Detrick) have developed a more highly evolved species of the Teredo able to digest submarine metals. Hypothesizing their existence, Caruso has named them Teredo radioactivus. What does the special hull of a juicy nuclear sub look like (below the waterline) after attack by such critters?

Caruso's cartoon is implausible at this time ...
No NPPI disclosure restrictions have been slighted. Submarines are always silent and strange.



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