Monday, July 28, 2008

An Ultraquiet and Ultradark Fish Story


One web site is devoted to high strangeness, including photos of crop circles, UFOs, extraterrestrials and a liberal smattering of declassified government documents. Another entertains millions nightly with expert speakers on various conspiracy theories and bizarre or naturally occuring rare phenomena.

Former astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell even chimed in last week about being briefed on extraterrestrial visitations and a UFO cover up by world governments. For those who missed it, here's Mitchell's actual interview:

We are not alone...

What is Molten Eagle's interest in all this? I agree, we are not alone; con artist and fraudsters are right here, among us right now!

My interest is that of a professional fraud investigator, not personal. I call it as I see it. As in other important topics, I demand intellectual honesty, scientific skepticism and enduring objectivity. Whether or not extraterrestrials have ever visited the Earth matters little at the moment.

Try to tell me that a superior race of aliens is here now, however, and that they will gradually takeover our elected government (or all world governments), demanding tributes from us, and regimenting our lives, and I will demand much more than photos of them, their ships, a smattering of declassified government documents, and testimony from an ex-government employee. Just as with alleged man-induced climate change, I will insist on appropriate, convincing evidence, or I will instantly suspect a scam of historic proportions that seeks to enslave or impoverish us.


About two years ago today, my readers were alerted to a suspicious claim of modern academia invloving the world's record holder for the deepest existing fish. Do not be fooled by its identification here. The photo shown is a similar species, but not the one allegedly from the Puerto Rico Trench at a depth of 27,460 feet (5.2 miles), Abyssobrotula galatheae ["Abby Gals"].

So-called scientists apparently know very little other than the detailed classification here. The species was classified by Nielsen in 1977. Almost 30 years have elapsed, now. Why is no photo available? Why does Wikipedia have no article on this species? What is the occasional drawing based upon?

Without a photo, carcass or recent skeleton, how do we know that the creature even exists? Is this another case of sloppy science by a scientist? Did at least 2 experts sight the fish in the deep and, rather than photographing it, agreed on a taxonomic classification? If this is a case of poor science, it may be a small forerunner of the larger scale chicanery in store for modern humanity.



At 28 July, 2008 19:11, Anonymous Anonymous said...

When the cold war "ended", the "Insiders" needed a new bugaboo to scare us, one that they could perpetuate. So we have "global warming".

As for those who profess that we are not alone, based on the multitudiness of stars which logically and do exist, I say this. The evironmental range in which life can occur is extremely narrow. The planet must have the just right tilt, the just right revolutions on it's axis and around it's star, just the right size and composition star, just the right temperature, just the right water and atmospheric gas compositions, just the right soill composition. And there are other "just the rights"...

So, with that in mind, keeping with what we believe is required for life, what are the chances that there is another world with all those?

At 29 July, 2008 09:51, Blogger Vigilis said...

Including the world where some of Earth's politicians and other confidence artists must reside, about 100%, unfortunately, Sonarman.

At 02 August, 2008 15:42, Blogger Jay said...

There is a superior race (or at least one that thinks they are superior), but how they got here, and how long they intend to stay is unknown. The sooner they go back to their home planet, the better.

We call them... Liberals.


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