Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Submarine Questions Answered, Sort of ...

Longtime readers know M.E. is not overly tolerant of Venezuela's tyrant Presidente, Hugo Chavez. Once in a while, we tweak Hugo.

SLLB's, for instance, were first conceived here. Now, half-a-dozen or so could be onboard 4th Fleet subs. They may also target the streets of Caracas.

Naturally, Hugo is not too happy about the prospect of SLLBs landing in his front and back yards. Anyone wondering what an SLLB is, may venture here to see a YouTube of one in action. Of course, it is identified by a nonsensical codename.

Those of you who recall the photo spoofed above, need no further explanation of SLLBs. If you have forgotten, or need an answer, better watch the linked video.

Last month, No Slack, Fast Attack, asked his readers to identify some odd looking mystery dolphins.

Here is a photo. The curious will find an answer on No Slack's site.

Finally, the last question is from our friend over at Decks Awash. He asks a very good question concerning qualifications for the Personnel Reliability Program (PRP) and provides background. PRP is a United States Department of Defense psychological evaluation program, designed to permit only the most trustworthy individuals to have access to nuclear weapons:
Since the President is the senior person in the chain for the use of Nuclear Weapons, he or she would be subject to the PRP program and furthermore have to pass for a SSI clearance which is the same for the very people that protect the
President. Is Your Presidential Candidate Qualified for the PRP?

Why not? If you have a good answer, let us know when you have left it over at Decks Awash.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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