Thursday, October 11, 2007

Suddenly, Venezuelan Skies Were Darkened by SLLBs

Don't know what SLLBs are? What if you were reminded that SL stands for submarine launched? Still blocked?

Well, be happy you are not El Presidente Hugo Chavez.

SLLBs are submarine launched leaf blowers. Why will they descend on Caracas? Tabebuia chrysantha is native to Caracas. Not surprisingly, since it is the National Tree of Venezuela, Tabebuia's deep yellow closely resembles that in Venezuela's flag. The broadleaf tree is found not only in deciduous forests, but abundantly throughout the tiny OIL exporting nation's capital.

Therein lies Hugo's problem. Deciduous trees shed their leaves each year. Who should rake them up, illegal Mexican immigrants willing to do work others won't? Cuban refugees just happy to have escaped? No one wants to do it. The city would look unkempt with broad, decaying leaves lying all about.
Remember Hugo's oil largesse for residents of Massachusetts? Now the favor will be returned in kind with super leaf blowers launched from nearby submarines. Obviously, leaf blowers are not Trojan horses, so Hugo's fear will turn to a happy smile. See and hear these SLLBs in action here on YouTube.



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