Friday, December 12, 2008

"Psychological Officers" - Submarine

Above, 'US Psychological Officer 1970's Prototype Badge -
Never used but someone proposed this because they paid for a tool back in the 1970's. source Also, see Recent Submarine Insignia News and Information, May 2004 Update, here.
As silent and strange as submarines are, all sorts of possibilities come to mind in connection with the unusual dolphins above.
Omitting many, more interesting possibilities, the item may have been conceived by some insignia collector for a purely profit or bragging rights motive.
Alternatively, we must ask ourselves if psychologists have ever been associated with submarines. Do you have any stories to share?
More on this topic later.



At 14 December, 2008 20:38, Blogger Chap said...

Well, there's that famous Joyce Brothers essay on bubbleheads...

At 15 December, 2008 11:13, Blogger wtfdnucsailor said...

I seem to remember that psychologists rode the early nucs. One of the famous stories from the NAUTILUS was the "pet camel" that one of the sailors on board towed on a leash. I would let a NAUTILUS contributor tell the whole story. The Navy was concerned about the psychological effects of long periods submerged. It turned out only the psychologists were effected. The true submariners were already "crazy" so it didn't make any difference.


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