Sunday, January 25, 2009

Almost Never ESP

Some things remain extremely difficult to find. Among them are women like this.

We have already explained how such hypothesized females might be valuable in submarines. Especially, if they also had a related extrasensory perception skill, such as remote viewing.

Such women have remained extremely difficult to locate, however.

Some of you, no doubt, believe strongly in ESP. Go right ahead. Some things are tough to explain without it. Speaking of tough to explain, here are IMDB's Best-rated psychic movies.

What would you call Juan's prediction that a submarine will save an unlucky soul whose plane ditches in the ocean this year? Probably preposterous. Lifeguard duty is no longer assigned to nuclear submarines, for obvious reasons. Still, if there is an opportunity to save a VIP, and no other shipping is close enough, an order could be given. In 1944, the situation was different for diesel boats assigned lifeguarding for WW2 airmen bombing Japan. Over 500 fliers were rescued, including a future U.S. president, who recently parachuted on his birthday.

Finally, for old Starsky and Hutch fans, here's a related episode to watch from your PC.

NOTE: Don't forget to enter the related Sitting Parlor caption contest. Creative types can have a 'field day' with it.

Submarines are always silent and strange.


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