Friday, January 23, 2009

Answers (Oscar I of a kind sub)... Mystery Questions of the Week

Mystery Q & As from Sunday, January 18, 2009

1. What is most striking to other submariners?
....The volume of unused space on this military sub.
2. The occupants are seated; in what activity, if any, do they appear engaged?
....Propaganda: Rest and relaxation in this photograph. Another reason these guys are seated is to convey a false sense of exceptional headroom. Above photo indicates a conservative estimate of the actual headroom. The guy to right of 'A' appears to be even taller.
3. Why were rocking chairs provided?
....Propaganda: Rocking chairs connote a relatively serene environment usually associated with the elderly or convalescense, and they are fallaciously depicted as suitable for submarine use, because rockers automatically adjust to angles and dangles when appropriately turned.
4. Can you name at least 5 aesthetically pleasing design considerations?
.....Ambient lighting, green carpeting, the presence of botanicals, scenic mural, hidden mechanical clutter (piping, ducting, cabling, electric panels, etc.), non-recessed (music perhaps) speakers.
5. What personal safety article is not shown?
....Readers will recall this belt device, later determined to be for emergency breathing.
6. What purpose does the space serve (best answer)?
.....Propaganda (see #2, #3, and #7): Casual viewers would guess the space serves as an incentive for excellent performance, or therapy for the fatigues of long voyages. SSN sailors know this would be hokum. Think of the recruiting implications for various countries who did or did not provide such therapeutic environments.
7. What could be an alternative use of this space?
....Special Projects (ad hoc) area, provision storage for extended voyages, berthing for extra 'riders', triage area, emergency surgery suite, etc.
8. Are the four guys qualified or dinqs, or would that not matter?
....Does not matter: The guys are definitely 'volunteers', but probably for the photo shoot.
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Submarines are always silent and strange. No two are ever quite alike.



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