Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mystery Questions of the Week

The submarine photo above, found on, was identified by its contributor with the Oscar I class (Project 949 Granit). There were few Oscar I subs (from 1978-1997). Remember, this is not from a boomer. The nominal crew size for Oscars was only 107.

Oscars were the largest guided missile submarines in service until the advent of Ohio class SSGNs in October 2007. Soviet Typhoon class, ballistic missile submarines (displacing 26,000 T) of 1980s vintage remain the largest submarines ever built.

This week's mystery questions involve the photo, not the submarine. Answers (yours, if better than mine) are expected by Friday.
Mystery Questions
1. What about the photo is most striking to other submariners?
2. The occupants are seated; in what activity, if any, do they appear engaged?
3. Why were rocking chairs provided (did your subs have even one rocking chair)?
4. Aesthetically pleasing design considerations are apparent; can you name at least 5?
5. What personal safety article found on other Soviet/Russian subs is not shown?
6. What purpose for the space seems most apparent (one answer only)?
7. Assuming the space is not purpose dedicated, what could be an alternative use?
8. Are the four guys qualified or dinqs, or would that not matter?
Submarines are always silent and strange. No two are ever quite alike.



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