Thursday, January 22, 2009

Stealth Submarine Progress Report

Remember this Juan Caruso cartoon, which appeared in Islamic Republic's Latest "Smart" Submarine last August?

At the time the report did not elaborate on its size and technical specifics and did not say whether the submarine had been tested. Five months later, Iran claims a technical university student has now produced a design. Testing? Well, we expect Juan will prove correct:

Life still imitates art. News Agency: Iran buids [sic] new submarine

Iranian technical university student Hassan Sharifzadeh drafted a new reconnaissance submarine that can avoid radar detection, the Iranian Fars news agency said. No crew will man the submarine which will be controlled remotely. The submarine can reach a depth of up to 8 meters and carry 8 kilograms of explosives to place near enemy positions. A SIM card connects the controller to the submarine.

The submarine also makes photos and videos and sends the data to the control center, Sharifzadeh said. [ed. We guess in the VERIZON network]

Why is this important? Because weapons programs are not without hazards, Israel has not yet attacked Iran's nuclear industry, and that may only be because an accident is a better counter.

Submarines are always silent and strange.


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