Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Active Duty Submariners Rarely Suffer from ADHD, Narcissism, or Stalking

Many of us were psychologically screened. In fact, exceptions were unheard of in my day.

Regardless of screening, which effectively dropped volunteers prone to ADHD, Narcissism, and Stalking, to name just a few potential disorders there is another good reason submariners are rarely classified as sufferers of such behaviors. Submariners are accustomed to limited channels of personal communication.

When was the last time you sailed on a sub with social media networking facilities? What? No Twitter, Facebook, or MySpace?

By now readers will be asking what this has to do with behaviorial disorders. Well, check out the Social Media Venn Diagram T-shirt design below (hat tip bookofjoe)

There is really not much more to add. It is true. Forgive your children because maturity requires going through such fads. You may also want to forgive youre spouse or GF (55% of Twitter users are females). And, we can certainly understand why drug dealers, news reporters, and the clueless want to be connected. For the rest of us, such communications are risky and inefficient.

Profit motives? Huge, usually from advertisers.



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