Monday, October 19, 2009

Want to Time Travel? Fast forward from 373 BC to May 12, 2008, in 47 secs

Earthquakes accompanied by strange lights seem to date back as far as 373 BC in ancient Greek records. "Immense columns of flame" allegedly foretold the earthquake that destroyed the cities of Helike and Boura.

Well into the early 20th century such lights were still considered a myth, until photographs of actual lights were taken during the 1966 earthquake swarm in Matsushiro, Japan[5]. Since then, even more sightings have been witnessed. More recently, south of Lima Peru on August 15, 2007, earthquake lights could be seen across the Lima sky before and during the earthquake, and videos captured the phenomenon.[6]

Interested? See for yourself...30 minutes prior to the Sichuan Earthquake, a cell phone captured multi-colored clouds in the sky[7] ... YouTube!



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