Monday, March 29, 2010

Out-on-a-Limb Submarine Prediction

As background for my latest prediction, readers must be familiar with Bubblehead's (The Stupid Shall Be Punished) posting Whither The Smoking Lamp? In the last week, or so Bubblehead has been posting as frequently as ever. Welcome back, my friend!

You may also wish to read Vigilis's comment to BH's posting, because it will not be repeated here. As further background, however, here is a pertinent M.E. prediction from last year, which seems to be materializing ever since:

Molten Eagle's pertinent 2009 prediction: Non USNA graduates will be systematically culled from the submarine hierarchy in advance of the women's liberation movement into "one of the last bastions of of gender segregation".

At any rate, and for brevity's sake, here is my latest prediction as regards how the admirals may try to accomodate women into submarines by creating in submarines the highly regimented and politically correct regime of the surface navy:

M.E.'s Latest PREDICTION on creation of an environment favorable to female submariners: Wearing of uniform hats on duty like skimmers will soon be required on boomers. Will it mean more saluting, too? Yes, saluting would improve the overall health of the entire crew. NOTE: Traditionally, U.S. submariners have not been required to wear hats (yes, even ballcaps) below decks, such as in a submerged submarines. Such ridiculous formalities from the rigid surface navy have been an important and distinguishing feature of the U.S. Submarine Service since its early inception.

What is the desired female submarine environment? One in which the entire chain of command ignores: All but grave female shortcomings (Capt Nowak); Benchmarking to male counterpart performance (Capt Graf); PREGNANCY (First Known Case of Pregnancy at Naval Academy).

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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