Thursday, March 25, 2010

Submarine Questions of the Week: 3-25-2010

The center graphic and text reproduced below come from an enlisted recruiting brochure for the NUCLEAR NAVY. General Entrance Requirements: Male U.S. citizen; 17 to 23-1/2 years old; Pass the security clearance; Be a high school graduate, or pass GED test.
The symbolic sidebars were added to emphasize changes anticipated lately.

Questions of the Week

1- The brochure refers to the elite submarine service; in what year was this brochure approved?


2- The brochure's reviewing and approving officer was in the USNR; what was his rank?


3- A quotation from H.G. Rickover appears inside the front cover. What rank was Rickover?


4- The telephone number of the branch recruiting station imprinted on the rubber-stamped address block (rear cover) is 636-5158. In which city was this Florida branch located?


Submarines are always silent and strange.



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