Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Women Did the Math. Guess Who the Puss_ _ s Are?

WARNING: This post may upset some folks in the submariner community who have not connected some fairly obvious dots. Since submariners are intelligent people, too bad if the major players in the women on subs movement, mostly politicians or SWO admirals, get upset. (The NAVY has banned Molten Eagle and other ex-submariners with licenses to shoot straight for quite a while anyhow).

Although they claim to be listening to the submarine community, they have failed to connect some very significant dots. SECNAV Mabus, this certainly means you and your rough-edged yes men!

As mentioned earlier, there seems a deafening silence from women attempting to serve in the tank corps, certainly a male bastion that does not involve hand-to-hand combat. Hmmm!

What is that you say? The pay and glamour are not especially attractive in the tank corps (Army/Marine).

Too many irrelevant dots... lets not try to connect those. Other countries allow women to serve aboard non-nuclear subs. Australia's RAN submarine service has often been mentioned as coed. Yet, Aussie subs rarely embark at all these days. Not only do they have serious maintenance problems, but retention of male submariners has suffered due to stiff competion from the relatively lucrative Aussie mining industry. ( I even bet those Aussies drill 1200-ft ventilation ducts in their mines BEFORE toxic gases accumulate.) Hmmm!

Well, what dots have not been connected, then?

Why do women prefer subs to civilian mining or the military tank corps? U.S. nuclear submarines have an excellent safety record. Mining and tanks do not. Submariners get extra pay and nice prestige for riding what appear to be Disney attractions, or safe, underwater buses.

What women in her right mind would choose mining's peepholes or tanks over subs? Subs will not be hostile workplaces like mines. Male submariners will soon behave as eunuchs - guaranteed by a rigid, USNA-graduate enforced, surface-type, female friendly environment. No peepholes on our subs (and, no periscope optronics will be adapted for shower peeping purposes). It is not only the women who have calculated this, it is SECNAV Mabus and the surface admirals. Too late to change their minds.

A senior Ministry of Defence source in the U.K. has given the clearest indication yet that the ban on women will be lifted.

"The United States has already gone that way. The scientific reason why women should not go to sea on submarines is about to change. The submarine atmosphere is not deemed to be as dangerous as thought to women carrying an unborn child." source

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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