Sunday, August 08, 2010

Submarine Mystery Questions of the Week - 8-08-2010

Neither of the two subs pictured in the accompanying photos is the mystery sub answering this week's questions.
This week's submarine mysteries are contained in only two questions. Sound simple? Maybe not; the first question was originally asked September 26, 2008 (as number 2 0f 4), but it has never been answered. (Ace SonarMan was "pretty sure the Kamy-Ha-Ha had a teak deck in her bridge. She was commissioned in 1965.")
PLEASE REMEMBER your answers to the following questions must include a link to an authorative reference and/or provide another verifiable source to be considered. Good luck!

1) - When was the last United States Navy submarine built with a teakwood main walking deck (not bridge deck) commissioned and what was its hull number?

2) - Was the teakwood decking installed on the mystery submarine forward of her sail, aft of her sail, or both?
ANSWERS: Correct answers to these questions are available and will be verified when the first astute reader answers correctly. It is up to you, Mates!
Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 09 August, 2010 09:35, Blogger ้›…็Ž‹ไปป said...

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At 10 August, 2010 08:07, Blogger kar said...

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At 10 August, 2010 13:49, Blogger Cookie..... said...

Man, this is a tough one mate! I don't recall the last time I've done so much "googling" and on line research. I could make a wild ass guess but thats all it would be is a guess with verification. I'll keep searching....

At 10 August, 2010 13:50, Blogger Cookie..... said...

Oooops, "without" verification!

At 10 August, 2010 18:37, Blogger Vigilis said...

Challenging you and those of your demonstrated skill level dictates questions like this occasionally, Cookie.

You are fully capable of finding the answer by hook or crook.

Will only provide a hint if no one comes through in another 3 months, and even then, someone will have to ask for it. Cheers, Mate!

At 13 August, 2010 20:46, Blogger Cookie..... said...

**Sigh**. I concede defeat mate. After checking uncounted numbers of articles, boats histories up the ying yang, photographs, etc., I'm completely stumped. I might have a guess that it after, or at least shortly after the "tear drop" or Albacore hull style, but thats about the best I can do. BANG! Ya got me partner.


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