Monday, March 21, 2011

ANSWERS: SPACE Mystery Questions of the Week - 3-18-2011

For background information and photo(s) provided originally (3-18-2011) go here.
Mystery Questions with the Answers
Congrats to Cookie, who got all but the hair color correct (he guessed)! BTW, Cookie, on your Amelia Earhart Quiz, I have to guess the specific area you wanted was where those giant crab shells were found.
1) - In which space movie (Title, and videocassette release date) where "NASA" appeared did an attractive female android wear a leather-like mini skirt? ANS: The Dark Side of the Moon was the direct-to-VHS (1990) movie.
2) - Who was the actress who played the android, and what was the android called in the movie? ANS: Camilla More (photo) played the android called Lesli.
3) - What functions did the mystery android fulfill in the spaceship? ANS: The android (housed in a glass-like enclosure and seen from the waste up) was the crew's go-to for computer interface, information security, and earth communication.
4) - Was the mystery android a blonde, brunette, or redhead? ANS: The movie android was a brunette.
5) - Was the movie set in a year that has now elapsed, in 2011, or in the future? ANS: The movie was set in the future (2022). note - IMDB, which gives the movie a 5.2 stars, lists this salty quote from Lesli:
Get away from me, you motherf_ _ _ _ r!
Submarines are always silent and strange.



At 21 March, 2011 12:53, Blogger Cookie..... said...

Regarding the giant crabs, your correct. It is felt that the crabs (scavengers that they are, and will devour whatever they find) would have taken various body parts/limbs back to their holes and that there still may be bones underground in the holes.


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