Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Fastest Thing at Annapolis Swim Meet is a MYSTERY

Something sickened scores of swimmers and attendees at the Maryland State Swimming Championship conducted at the U.S. Naval Academy this past weekend.
While the Mystery agent is blamed for symptoms of viral gastroenteritis, the news seems to haven taken overlong to filter out to the public yesterday because, no doubt, a biological (terror) agent was first ruled out as a probable cause.
One thing is for certain, the sudden illness was not a secret naval test to determine immunity from seasickness.

“According to the county health department that apparent cause of the illness was not the USNA swimming facility,” Judy Brown, a spokeswoman for the Naval Academy, said.

Some 800 participants with parents or spectators attended and nearly 100 became sick. Several athletes got sick on the pool deck during the finals session. Swim officials instructed coaches Saturday night that only swimmers who had been without symptoms for 24 hours should participate. About 20 percent of scheduled participants did not return Sunday.

The pool soon became a sick ward, with enough swimmers vomiting that the meet had to be stopped for 15 minutes so the deck could be swabbed. One parent at the meet told The Annapolis Capital that she saw a swimmer hit the end of his lane, throw up, then flip and continue the race. - NavyTimes SCOOPDECK

"This is unprecedented," said Raymond Brown, the organization' s general chair.
It is more than unprecedented. It was scary fast. For sociological reasons, we may never hear about the sanitation on a few buses that transported participants to the meet (like the poor sanitation of food handlers on norovirus cruises to hell has rarely been reported to the public.).
Submarines are always silent and strange.



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