Thursday, December 15, 2011

The 'Perfect' Crowning Touch for 2011

As submariners adjust to 2011 firsts like the end of DADT and beginning of female crew for the benefit of partisan political points alone, the liberal march toward the continued sissification of males proceeds.

15 December 2011 - Push-Up Bra Ad Campaign's Latest Model Is... Male
Interestingly, the first to feature a male model for a feminine Push-Up bra is Dutch department store Hema. The male lingerie model, Pejic, was featured in New York magazine’s fashion issue .

Now, consider the irony in this gender bending since the Royal Netherlands Navy prohibits women from serving on submarines – the government’s decided they’re ill equipped for the fairer sex. There’s little privacy in the sleeping quarters, where bunks are stacked four-high, and when on missions there is little or no contact with home.

What's next for the U.S. Submarine Force? Prepare for 'Big Navy' skimmer leadership.
14 July 2005 - The Dutch Submarine Service (and the Mine Service) have ceased to exist as seperate services within the Royal Netherlands Navy. The Cdt of the Submarine Service has handed over the Submarine Service Banner to the CZMNED (Cdt. Naval Forces Netherlands). From now on the Dutch submarines will form a group within the navy, instead of an independant branch/service with own administration and support.

To compound the irony of the above paragraph, today's active duty submariners will as grandfathers be forced into telling irrelevant tales of the way their submarine service used to be.
They will likely be called fossils, relics or worse by the equivalent of bus drivers who, by then, may be crewing whatever subs are left in our navy.

Submarines are always silent and strange



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