Sunday, February 19, 2012

Curious Timing for New Thriller Movie

Consider the timing of number 4) [potential spoiler WARNING]:

1) February 14, 2012 - (AP) U.S. weighing steep nuclear arms cuts A level of 300 deployed strategic nuclear weapons would take the U.S. back to levels not seen since 1950, when the nation was ramping up production in an arms race with the Soviet Union.

2) February 15, 2012 - Big-budget military thriller set for Alaska film credit approval
A big-budget military thriller about an American submarine captain's attempt to rescue the Russian president will soon be pre-approved for filming in Alaska, the state says. The story is based on Don Keith and George Wallace's unpublished novel Firing Point. Commander George Wallace USN (ret.) served in the US Navy for twenty-two years as an officer on nuclear submarines.

3) November 6, 2012 - Election Day in the U. S. is set by law for general elections of public officials as the Tuesday following the first Monday in November.

4) December 21, 2012 - While the movie Hunter Killer is scheduled to open In December, it is customary for advertising and promotions to preceed the release. Will the movie trailers be played before the election of our next POTUS?

Why this may be important [Potential spoiler WARNING]: The buzz (now apparently wiped from the internet) had been that the plot involves a strategic missile submarine crew that mutinies, sails off to a friendly island and declares itself another nation with nuclear weapons!

Strategic missile submarines are currently being used for political gain by an administration that for the first time in history has authorized female officers to serve on them. We expect to be reaffirmed, before 2013, in the absence of political motives of Commander George Wallace USN (ret):
Commander Wallace commanded the Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine USS HOUSTON (SSN 713) from February 1990 to August 1992. During this tour of duty, he worked extensively with the SEAL community developing SEAL/submarine tactics. Under his command, the Houston was awarded the CIA Meritorious Unit Citation. He completed his active duty career as Assistant Chief of Staff, Submarine Group Five.
Submarines are always silent and strange.

Read more here: 6, 2012 - Election Day in the U. S. is set by law for general election of public officials as the Tuesday following the first Monday in November.December 21, 2012 - Scheduled movie "Hunter Killer" release date. Advertising and trailers will preceed this movie as usual. Will they preceed the general election as well?



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