Saturday, August 25, 2012

Submarines Plots - good, bad, and ugly

Will script writers for Last Resort make certain Daisy Betts, the comely Australian actress who plays LT Grace Shepard demonstrates that her character: 1) commands respect from the submarine's crew; and that she possesses all of the 2) intellect; 3) physical stamina; 4) patriotism and; 5) willingness for heroic sacrifice as her male counterparts? Vigilis and Juan intend to watch Last Resort to determine if our suspicions on script treatment of LT Shepard are accurate, and hopefully to enjoy an interesting submarine plot unfold.

Last Resort is the 2nd (second) submarine mini-seriessince the Pentagon's Feb 2010 decision to allow women volunteers on U.S. subs. The first featured another comely actress (Minnie Driver) as a submariner commander. The Deep premiered August 2010 on BBC attracting neither hoped for female viewers nor many complimentary male reviews: IMDB 5.6.

Both series hope(d) to attract female viewers to ongoing female volunteerism for the "silent" services (US and soon the UK). Otherwise, coed subs may not solve more problems than they actuall create over the next 8 years. Unlike the service's experience with gay men, whose performance has often been stellar, many women are understandably concerned with their biological clocks ticking in the prime of their most attractive years --- not all women, and certainly not those like Capt. Holly Graf.

May get Ugly
If female volunteers fall short of expectations, desperate liberal politicians will advocate equalizing (lowering) performance standards for women volunteers (fitness and sea duty
requirements) to attain adequate numbers. As we all know, a fatuous move like that would end up lowering the standards for every volunteer and degrade U.S. supremacy submarines, because as great as our technological advantages over competition now are, it takes very unusual people to operate those technologies to required performance levels in submerged subs on lengthy missions.

Looks Good, so far
Not yet released: The submarine thriller Phantom had been scheduled to open December 21, 2012.
Seems slightly delayed, but the trailer certainly seems enticing.

Submarines are always silent and strange.