Thursday, September 06, 2012

Reading Between the Lines - Part 1

The Navy recently decided to repair the fire-devastated submarine USS Miami (SSN-775).

Back in May (5/24/2012 12:04 PM) we had posited: "A fact that could override the low probability [of repair] would be predication of sabotage by a foreign power."

"Let's see what the Admirals and Mabus decide and whether government (shipyard) or crew or both are held accountable, which would be the case even if Putin had an infiltrator planted to start the fire after his Yekaterinburg submarine fire debacle last year." -Vigilis

An arsonist shipyard worker later confessed to starting two fires. Clearly, sabotage was not involved. The decision to repair must involve factors other than proving a foreign state's sabotage ineffective.

On June 11, 2012, (more than 2 months ago) we posited a new rationale for reconfigured repair:

b) Enabling an SSN to berth women sailors earlier than previously believed feasible:
.....i - Adding popularity among clueless women voters to a difficult re-election campaign.
.....ii - Assuring said SSN will have little chance of serious deployments during a 2nd term, because of time it will take to incorporate the women's berthing arrangements.
....iii - Providing ready explanations for both the cost escalations and expanded time frame.
....iv - Reducing the possibility that intervening deployments could be marked by embarrassing female medical absences from sea duty.

What happened next? According to The Day newspaper:
(08/22/2012) Admiral says USS Miami will be repaired; hints at timing for women submariners at base

You are welcome, Admiral!

Time will tell, but the prediction looks very sound. In Part 2 we will elaborate another revelation as regards USS Miami.

Submarines are always silent and strange.



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