Saturday, June 22, 2013

Story of Submarine's Sinking Surfaces

Medal belonging to little-known WW1 cargo ship skipper who sank first German U-boat by ramming into it surfaces after 98 years 21 June 2013   Daily Mail  online UK

"...the skipper and his crew were each given a reward of £860, the equivalent of  £75,000 today."

February 1915 (WW1) - Captain John Bell rammed and sunk a German U-boat after the U-boat had fired a torpedo at his steam collier SS Thordis off Beachy Head.

Capt Bell's small, cargo vessel was the first to take out a German sub in World War One. (In a later action, the U-boat U-12 would be rammed and shelled by a a Royal Navy destroyer off Fife Ness. U-12 was then scuttled with 20 dead.). 

In addition to the £860 (£75k today) Capt Bell was also given Distinguished Service Order medal which is being now auctioned 98 years after his brave feat.

Nearly 100 years after the ramming incident, Capt Bell's DSC and engraved watch are being auctioned in London. The pre-sale estimate of value is £5,000.

Famous painting: John Bell's cargo steamship Thordis is depicted in this painting sailing at full speed toward the German U-boat's periscope, which can just be seen poking out of the water, in the English Channel in 1915

Questions of the Week:

1. What U-boat did Capt Bell sink?
2. What destroyer attacked the U 12 on March 10. 1915?
3. Have you noticed the periscope in the painting above?

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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