Tuesday, July 02, 2013

X Marks the Floating Spot

Imbedded terrorists must be salivating over prospects for the 79 megawatt, natural gas-fired,  Floating Power Plant proposed (FPP) for New York City.  Why?  Because as of its May 20, 2012* , SEF Industries Inc. claimed (pdf) to have secured all of the necessary permits and long term property rights within the Brooklyn Navy Yard and under water lands owned by New York for the FPP project to move forward. Moreover, research indicates related lobbying efforts.

Below is a cutaway of NYC Energy Floating Power Plant Site Plan. Note permanent mooring in Brooklyn Navy Yard (bottom) and the navigable distance to the Wall Street (46 minutes response time). Not shown are three midtown hospitals near the East River (50 minutes response time).


About 1890 Mcf of natural gas would be consumed every 3 hours (interval before refueling) by one-hundred and sixty 500 Kw generators according to my reckoning. Tempting enough for potential arsonists? That would depend on the extent of security measures provided on site(s), in transit, and as moored in BNY. In my opinion,
NYC has all the know-how, talent and security manpower to make it work safely and provide emergency electrical generation. The security drills might be interesting to terrorists, so let's not publicize. 

There seems to be a MAJOR publishing error of sorts, however.  While the SEF Industries Inc. proposal states [emhasis mine]  "...FPP’s hull can be designed to hold a 3 day fuel oil supply and can be refueled by oil delivery barges, a recognized publishing source describes as, "natural gas-fired, combined cycle power plant." Read more.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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