Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"...those really awesome missions that fast attacks do." - Lady submariner

In May 24, 2012  the commander of U.S. Navy submarine forces claimed integration of women into the formerly all-male undersea world is “very successful” and signaled that he is getting close to a recommendation on whether all submarines will be opened to women, including the small, tight-quarters attack subs in San Diego.  On October 15, 2013, the Navy announced that Women will be assigned to fast-attack submarines on or before January 2015, and that USS Virginia (SSN-774) and USS Minnesota (SSN-783) will be the first two gender fast-attacks. 

(Female Submariner) Quote of the Month [emphasis added]
All of the history and lore of the submarine community really comes back to those really awesome missions that fast attacks do.  If it were to be opened, I think there are some of us who probably would be willing to serve on them despite the tight quarters.”  - Lt. j.g. Vanessa Esch, serving on the submarine Ohio in Bangor, Wash.    

source:  NavyTimes


Submarine Humor  [emphasis added]
Q: Why is it a problem to have women on a submarine ? - A:  Wiki Answers
"The living quarters on submarines are very, very small and it is difficult/impossible to give women their own space (including bathrooms, dressing rooms and bed rooms). Women would have to sleep in the same bunkbeds as the men, dress in front of them and see men dress. There is an added danger of sexual harrasment because there is no privacy-- and any potential emotional tanglements could be pretty bad for the operation of the submarine. If you are deep under the surface of the ocean, there is no place for anyone to get away. However, the main reason is the cramped living spaces, where women would not be able to have their own quarters. It is a mater of society. The US does not allow it as for the most part we are prudes that cannot handle being around the opposite sex without difficulty. ..."

More Space to Open Up on Ohio Subs [color emphasis added] 
The United States next year is slated to begin reducing launch tubes on each of its Ohio-class ballistic missile submarines, a new independent report states.  The elimination of four operational launch tubes on each of the 14 submarines that make up the Navy's Ohio submarine fleet will be the first substantial reduction in U.S. strategic weapon delivery capability since the 2011 New START accord went into effect, according to Hans Kristensen, who co-authored an assessment on the current status of U.S. nuclear forces. The report was published in the January/February edition of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Prediction Due to improved accomodations for women in the newer, Huntington Ingalls-built Minnesota versus the 9-year older, EB built Virginia, Huntington Ingalls Industries (HI) will become the primary (if not sole source) designer of female accomodations for U.S. subs after only 6 to12 months of woman crew feedback.  Standby.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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