Monday, March 10, 2014

Answers Sub Q.O.T.W. from 6 MAR 2014

Background information and photo (s) presented when the Questions of the Week (Q.O.T.W.) answered below were originally posted may be found here:  6 MAR 2014.

1. What is the largest commissioned vessel in the U.S. Navy, and where has it been deployed recently?  ANSThe USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77), which has been deployed to the Med.

2. Where is the USS George H.W. Bush (CVN-77) located?  ANS At the time the QOTW were posted, CVN-77 was docked in the port of Piraeus, Greece.

3. What is USS George H.W. Bush's draft (in meters)?  ANS: 11.3

4. What is USS George H.W. Bush's lenght (in feet)?  ANS:  1,092.

5. How many long tons does CVN-77 displace? ANS102,00 L.T.s

6. How easily could CVN-77 dock at Piraeus? ANS: Without difficulty; maximum pier depth is 17-18 meters, and Pier 1 length is adequate.

7. Is CVN-77 on a war-footing or training mission? ANS:  The largest aircraft carrier of the U.S. Navy is in Piraeus (near Athens).  Officially, CVN-77 is on a training mission. However, see answer to number 8 (below).
8. From Athens (Port of Piraeus) is Crimea within CVN-77's reach? ANS: Piraeus is within easy reach of the Black Sea by CVN-77's F/A-18 air wings (map). UPDATE: Now within 500 miles (docked in Antalya, Turkey). - source

9. How many SSNs shadow (screen) CVN-77 when deployed?  ANS: A safe bet would is at least one submarine.

 Submarines are always silent and strange.

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