Thursday, March 20, 2014

Kings Bay's Abundance of Caution


Readers may recall an odd security threat specific to Naval Submarine Base Kings Bay, home port to the Atlantic Fleet's Trident nuclear ballistic missile subs.  Invasions by a parachutists from civilian outsiders (skydivers) had been banned, yet continued for over a decade. With the club's relocation to Stateboro the skydivers' invasion threat has finally been curtailed.
"The airport and the local government has faced controversy in recent years regarding the possible relocation of the airport in response to national security concerns."
About the same time, (2012) Portsmouth Naval Shipyard allowed a civilian insider (contract painter) with a drug habit to work within and incinerate the forward portion of USS Miami (SSN -755), causing damage estmated damages of $500,000,000 (half a billion) and making its costly and untimely return to service imprudent for our Navy.  
"On 6 August 2013, the U.S. Navy announced it will scrap the USS Miami, concluding the cost of repairs is more than it can afford in a time of budget cuts."

Qualifications for Refit Workers

18 March 2014 The Florida Times-Union -  Applicants sought for Kings Bay Trident Refit facility apprenticeship program
"Applicants must pass a physical exam, a full criminal background investigation..."
Among trades needed: electricians, pipe fitters, machinists, equipment mechanics, welders, sheet metal mechanics and shipwrights. Apprentices are paid competitive wages and are eligible for vacation, medical and retirement benefits.

 Refit workers must certainly be subject to periodic random drug testing.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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