Friday, April 11, 2014

Anti-submarine Q.O.T.W. 11 APR 2014

Questions of the Week refer to the photo below ...

1.  An "anti-submarine" vessel is shown transiting a "cut". The nation which launched this ship has no destroyers in its entire navy. What are the ship's nationality and type?  

2.  What are the name, hull number, and top speed of this ship?

3.  What is its crew complement (officers and men)? 

4.  With what anti-submarine equipment is this ship armed?

5.  What are the vessel's draft and the canal's mean depth (in feet)?

6.  What is the purpose of that buoy to which the ship appears tied?

7.  What is the name of the canal and how does its length compare to the Panama Canal?

8.  Did the pictured canal have strategic value in WW2?

9.  This canal has a fairly unusual submarine feature; what is it?

ANSWERS:  Wednesday, 16 APR

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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