Thursday, May 15, 2014

Sad Underwater Truth Leaks Out Slowly


Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been missing since 8 March 2014.  On 9 March 2014, Chinese news media received an open letter claiming to be from the leader of a Martyrs Brigade, a previously unknown group, claiming the loss of flight MH370 was retaliation for the Chinese government's response to the knife attacks at Kunming railway station a week before, and part of the separatist campaign in Xinjiang province's Uyghur regions.

Underwater locator beacons (ULBs)  are devices attached to aviation flight recorders such as MH370's cockpit voice and flight data recorders (black boxes) and are triggered by water immersion; Most ULBs emit 10 millisecond pulses once per second at the ultrasonic frequency of 37.5 kHz ± 1kHz.

The prime minister of Australia had been “very confident” that signals off Perth were coming from the black box. Sadly it now appears to have been a dead end that will take more weeks or months and millions of dollars to check out completely. – May 7, 2014.

Belated Truths

  • MH370: Black box 'pings' may actually have come from satellite tracking devices tagged to marine animals
Archaeologist William Meacham wrote: "For several decades, pingers with frequencies of 30 to 50kHz have been commonly used to track large, deep ocean animals."  source
  • The detected signal frequency (33.3khz) was NOT within the manufacturer's specs of 37.5 +/- 1 for the black box pinger.  [ibid]
  • As listed here, pingers are regularly used in real-time tracking of whales, sharks, sea turtles, tuna, seals, swordfish, etc., as well as for driving predatory fish away from fishing nets.  Moreover, scientists from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution used a pinger with the same specifications as MH370’s in their study of baleen whalessource
Submarines are always silent and strange,

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At 18 May, 2014 01:26, Blogger Pete said...

Hi Vigilis

Australia's complex political and economic relationship with China results in some unfortunate outcomes. Specifically however slender the ping evidence as long as China expects Australia to continue to search Australia will do it.

At 19 May, 2014 17:39, Blogger Vigilis said...

Pete, your statement about Australia's relationship with China interesting is the type of news average U.S. citizens would probably never never have known. Thank you for that new insight.


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