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Submarine Questions of the Week - 5 DEC 2014


Out-on-a-Limb Submarine Prediction   ... from March 29, 2010
"... my latest prediction as regards how the admirals may try to accomodate women into submarines by creating in submarines the highly regimented and politically correct regime of the surface navy:
"Wearing of uniform hats on duty like skimmers will soon be required on boomers. Will it mean more saluting, too? Yes, saluting would improve the overall health of the entire crew. NOTE: Traditionally, U.S. submariners have not been required to wear hats (yes, even ballcaps) below decks, such as in a submerged submarines. Such ridiculous formalities from the rigid surface navy have been an important and distinguishing feature of the U.S. Submarine Service since its early inception."

Validity of Predicted Surface Navy Requirements:

Covers worn below decks yet on boomers?              NOT YET
Saluting required below decks yet on boomers?       NOT YET

Yesterday ...from SUBVET   Filming females aboard subs? Gee, who didn't see this one coming? 
"Maybe its a case of assuming too much but speaking as a retired sub sailor I can say this was to be expected. Especially given the close quarters aboard a boat."  - SUBVET
Make No Mistake:  Molten Eagle applauds holding any perpetrator(s) fully accountable.

Questions of the Week

1. On what submarine has NCIS been investigation filming and distribution of women officer(s) undressed or undressing?
2. In what activity were women officer(s) engaged during filming of the alleged video(s)?

3. How many women, at least, may be shown in the alleged video(s).

4. Who (enlisted pay grade and B/G crew) allegedly made and distributed the video(s)?

5. Where was the alleged offender as of last week?

6. When did the situation come to NCIS's attention reportedly?

7. Where else was one video distributed?

8.  What surface-ship type requirement has already been suggested by a former woman submarine officer?

9. Why have submarines traditionally been exempt from stricter, surface vessel formalities?

10. What new measures will be invoked on submarines in the future? (Answers to 10. will be updated as publicly announced.)

ANSWERS:  1 - 9  Tuesday, 9 DEC 14.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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