Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Background information, photos and links for questions are found at original posting here.

Submarine Questions of the Week with Answers:


1 - The Navy's "pilot program" for longer womens hair is due to end in March 2015;  will it?  ANS: Probably YES.

2 - Motivation for liberalizing womens hair regulation is to conform to the other military services and to aid recruiting of women into the navy.  Does the change also represent a modernization of outmoded regulations?  ANS:  NO, not compared to woman sailor's hair length from 1950 (see above photo). (photo  link here)

3. Some very good looking women can be found at land-based naval air stations (and presumably on spacious aircraft carriers).  Do attractive single women generally wish to serve on arduous, cramped submarines?  ANS: Too early to know for sure; enlisted sub crewmembers postponed until 2016.

4. If single women submariners find it difficult to form durable dating relationships with marriagable men left on land for months at a time,  are promiscuous simgle women better suited for submarine duty?  ANS: Except to the current Politically Correct crowd, the obvious answer would be UNFORTUNATELY YES.  (women's natural instincts, like men's are often and notably stronger than artificial, political correctness).

5. Is it a fair for male submariners to have to endure promiscuous females, prolonged celibacy, and to abandon the typical male locker room references and tension-relieving sexual innuendos that females in the close quarters of a sub's crew will complain are harassment?  ANS: There is no blanket answer to this question.  For all male officer's, however, the answer is it MUST BE FAIRFor enlisted men desirous of becoming officers, and senior POs it MUST also be fair.  For rank and file enlisted male submariners who are not gay, this will become an open question ultimately answered by male enlistment and re-enlistment choices (recruiting and retention success rates). 

6. Take another look at the first (1950) photo above.  Has human nature as regards womens behavior around men changed?  ANS: There is no blanket answer to this question, either.  For all women officer's and female senior POs , however, the answer is an emphatic YES.  For rank and file enlisted female submariners who are not gay, this will become an open question ultimately answered by their personal behaviors on board and non-volunteer choices.

Submarines are always silent and strange. 


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At 16 January, 2015 00:19, Blogger Pete said...

Hu Vigilis

What with recent news of woman inducted into Virginia subs http://www.stripes.com/news/navy/1st-female-officer-reports-to-submarine-uss-minnesota-1.323819 comes concern over narrow entrances and hatches, bodies rubbing together - and thats just the subs :)



At 16 January, 2015 18:14, Blogger Vigilis said...

Hello Pete,

This is going to be a long, ugly learning curve for civilians and sychophant brass.

Most politicians will never understand the unnecessary scandals ultimately caused by their attempt to trivialize human nature on subs, because military discipline NEVER applied to them, and they take for granted its maintenance 24/7 for months at a time in narrow, sunless tubes.




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