Thursday, January 29, 2015

ANSWERS: Submarine Q.O.T.W. 22 JAN 15

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Submarine Questions of the Week with Answers:

1 - Australia is weighing the sourcing of RAN's new submarine fleet.  Japan has figured prominently in such discussions. Teruhiko Fukushima, an expert on Australia at Yokuska's National Defense Academy, referring to Australia's No. 1 trade partner, noted that the public would never approve of political actions that could seriously damage those ties. What country is Australia's number one trading partner?  ANS: CHINA  more

2 - China's PLAN (People's Liberation Army Navy) is keenly interested in blue water operations and since 1985, acquired four retired aircraft carriers for reasons other than design familiarity.  How many of the acquisitions are now active PLAN vessels?   ANS: One; China refurbished the propulsionless Varyag hulk and completing a modernised carrier commissioned Liaoning (CV-16) in September 2012.

3 - What became of China's other vessel(s)?   ANS: HMAS Melbourne had been bought for scrap; the ex-Soviet carrier Minsk had been sold for a Chinese "museum"; and the ex-Soviet Kiev is a prominent feature at Tianjin Binhai Aircraft Carrier Theme Park.  link 

4 - The multirole Admiral Kuznetsov class aircraft carrier Riga was renamed in 1990. What was its new name?  ANS: Varyag, which became the CV-16 Liaoning.

5 - A former PLA basketball player, alleges he had been chosen to acquire the Varyag for Beijing, posing as a businessman who wanted to use it for a floating casino in Macau.
a) What does he allege about the vessel delivered to China?   ANS: He revealed that the ship was fitted with engines at the time it was transported, contrary to some later reports.
b) What auction price did he allegedly pay the Ukrainian sellers? 
  ANS: $20 million.  
c) What does he claim is the total costs of purchase and delivery?  ANS: $120 million.
d) What does he claim Beijing still owes him? ANS: $120 million.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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