Monday, March 23, 2015

When the last informed are the least informed


In last week's (Submarine Quote of the Week) we provided an example of subject matter experts' superior opinion over a lesser informed defense analyst's opinion.

Today, a British journalist misguides readers with equivalent lunacy involving an alleged "Polish" pedestrian thief:

Secret nuclear submarine documents stolen from neighbour, court hears - 23 MAR 2015 The Guardian uk-news

Mr. Kostrzewa, 31, was accused of stealing documents from a neighbour who worked as an engineer at the naval base in Devonport, Plymouth.  He allegedly took documents from next doorneighbour’s airing cupboard and attempted to sell them for £50,000 to Polish embassy. 

What is Wrong With This Submarine Secrets Story?

(Hints are underlined and M.E.'s questions are colored)  
  • "Using stolen keys, Marcin Kostrzewa, 31, broke into the flat of his next door neighbour, who worked as an engineer on submarines, and took the documents, the jury was told."    Accomplice?
  • "The jury heard that Spencer was working as an engineer at the naval base in Devonport, Plymouth, and from time to time took home documents to work on."   Prohibited?
  •  "Kostrzewa, a Polish national, searched the internet using terms including “spies” and “secret documents” and contacted the Polish embassy to try to sell the information, but was caught in a sting operation, it was claimed."   Turned in by Polish Embassy?
  • "Alexander Chalk, prosecuting, told the jury at Plymouth crown court that Kostrzewa had committed a “slightly unusual burglary”. He said Kostrzewa broke into Shane Spencer’s flat between January and April 2014 and stole “sensitive or secret material”, which was stored in the engineer’s airing cupboard."   What is an airing cupboard?  ( a warm cupboard for drying washed clothes)  Was Shane Spencer the real target, and had he been set up by his ex who gave Kostrzewa a copy of the key to Spencer's flat?  Would the submarine's hull numbers (see photo) be considered sensitive?
 The reading public is being kept in the dark.

Submarines are always silent and strange.

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At 25 March, 2015 03:29, Blogger Pete said...

Hi Vigilis

Kostrzewa was also stupid in trying to sell to Poland which has been a NATO ally of the UK and US for the last 16 years.

In any case its not as if Poland would get the bright idea of secretly constructing a nuclear sub using documents.




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