Monday, April 20, 2015

Answers to latest Submarine Questions of the Week


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Questions of the Week with ANSWERS

1 - TRUE or FALSE: There was no Son Won I class?   ANSTRUE

2-  TRUE or FALSE: KSS designates the project to build up the Republic of Korea's Navy Attack Submarine program in phases KSS-I, KSS-II, and KSS-III?   ANSTRUE

3- TRUE or FALSE: In KSS-II (the second phase) the lead ship of her class, ROKS Son Won-il (SS 072) was launched in 2006, the first of nine 1,800-ton Type 214 AIP subs?  ANSTRUE

4- TRUE or FALSE:  A total of nine 3,000-ton KSS-III submarines are expected to be built in South Korea with indigenous technologies (i.e. not going under license as the previous KSS-I and KSS-II submarines).   ANSTRUE

5- TRUE or FALSE: The first KSS-III, with vertical launch tubes and 1,500-kilometer cruise missiles, is scheduled for service by 2022.   ANSTRUE

6- TRUE or FALSE:  Due to sensitive technologies the KSS-IIIs will be built indigenously and likely blocked from export.   ANSTRUE

7-  In February 2015, South Korea launched an independent submarine command — only the sixth of its kind in the world — bringing operations, logistics, training, and maintenance under one roof, according to Republic of Korea (ROK) naval officials. What are the other 5 nations with independent submarine commands?   ANS
The United States, Japan, France, the United Kingdom and India operate submarine commands

8.  Name the late officer pictured (available at link in Background statement above).  ANS: Son Won-il.

- a) What, if anything does he have to do with the Son Won II class?   ANSIn honor of Son Won-il, the Reuplic of Korea's  Son Won-il (SS 072), the first of Son Won-il class submarines, was named for him.

- b) Was he ever a submariner?   ANS: No.

- c) What were the highest naval rank and national office he had held?  ANSVice Admiral Son Won-il had been South Korea's FIRST Chief of Naval Operations (CNO) and later served as as its Minister of National Defense, and first ambassador to West Germany.
Submarines are always silent and strange.

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